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Download AP French Cheat Sheet PDF Cram Chart

1 min readoctober 21, 2021

AP French  🇫🇷

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Get Ready for the AP French Exam

As the AP French exam approaches make sure you are using all of Fiveable's resources to help you prepare and check out the brief description of the exam below!

Multiple Choice Section

  • 30 Questions in 40 minutes
  • Worth 23% of your score
  • Multiple Choice with Audio
    • 35 Questions in 55 minutes
    • Worth 27% of your score

Free Response Section

  • Free Response Written
    • 2 Questions 1 hour and 10 minutes
    • Worth 25% of your score
  • Free Response Spoken
    • 2 Questions in 18 minutes
    • Worth 25% of your score
*The AP French exam will only be offered in-person at school or a proctored location

AP French Cheat Sheet & Review Chart

Use this review chart to study all of the important ideas and concepts for the AP French exam.
AP French PDF - Review Chart
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