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1.0 Unit 1 Overview: Families in Different Societies

1 min readnovember 10, 2021

AP French  🇫🇷

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Unit 1 Overview: Families in Different Societies

In Unit 1, you show what you know about the concept of family in different societies of the French-speaking world (la famille à travers le monde francophone). You'll need to interpret texts, charts, interviews, and presentations that address a wide range of topics relating to family: values, traditions, changing roles, and challenges across the French-speaking world. It's to your advantage to develop a strong understanding of at least one francophone culture other than France.

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🔍 Essential Questions

👪 What constitutes a family in the French-speaking world?
(Qu'est-ce qui constitue une famille dans le monde francophone ?)
❤️ What are some of the important aspects of family values and family life in French-speaking societies?
(Quels sont quelques aspects importants de la vie de famille et des valeurs familiales dans le monde francophone ?)
What challenges do families face in today's world?
(Quels sont les défis auxquels les familles font face dans le monde d'aujourd'hui ?)


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