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5.0 Unit 5 Overview: Factors That Impact the Quality of Life

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Unit 5 Overview

Unit 5 explores themes related to the quality of life in French-speaking communities. In this unit, the primary thematic focus is Contemporary Life, however, ties can be made to other themes, such as: Global Challenges, Science and Technology, and Beauty and Aesthetics.
The Essential Questions for this unit are:
How do aspects of everyday life influence and relate to the quality of life?  En quoi les aspects de la vie quotidienne affectent-ils et se rapportent-ils à la qualité de vie?
How does where one lives impact the quality of life?  En quoi le lieu où l'on vit influence-t-il la qualité de vie?
What influences one's interpretation and perceptions of the quality of life?  Qu'est-ce qui influence l'interprétation et les perceptions de la qualité de vie?

Strive for Five Vocab 🔑

  • Qualité de vie: tout ce qui contribue à créer des conditions à épanouir davantage l'individu; ces conditions elles-mêmes.

Possible Prompts on the Exam💯

  1. What are some examples of leisure activities 🚴‍♂️ and moments of relaxation 🧘, and how do these impact one's quality of life?
  2. To what extent does personal choice play a role in improving one's quality of life? What are some examples in which personal choice, or the lack thereof, has an impact on people's well-being ☺️?
  3. How does access to education 🎒, housing 🏡, food 🥗, and healthcare 🏥 affect one's quality of life?
  4. How does geography 🌋 🏖️ ⛰️ 🌲 affect one's quality of life?

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