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6.4 Social Conscience

2 min readmay 20, 2021

Brittany Schwikert

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6.4 Social Conscience

Social conscience is the idea that there is a sense of responsibility or concern for the problems and injustices of society. Think of it as the “we” feeling or the “sense of us.” It beckons to answer the questions of what do we or should we care about? Below are the three pillars of social conscience with examples of questions that could pop up on the comparación cultural section of the test.

➡️ Consciousness—values/‘other’

📚Definición: describes a person’s process of value judgement, classifying situations into right, wrong, or neutral. It allows one’s values and assumptions to explain situations as just or unjust, safe or dangerous, etc.
🤔 Pregunta posible: What is a moral and serious problem that causes division in your community? / ¿Cuál es un problema moral y grave que causa división en tu comunidad?
💡Comparación posible: Homelessness / personas sin hogar

➡️ Structure—worldview/society

📚Definición: Structure pertains to how much we as individuals understand the root causes of societal issues. For example, we as individuals cannot solve a problem like world hunger, but there are social or political actions that we can take to alter the worldview if we seek to do so.
🤔 Pregunta posible: What steps has your community taken (either positively or negatively) to address the gender wage gap? / ¿Qué métodos ha tomado tu comunidad (sea positivamente o negativamente) para combatir la brecha salarial de género?
💡Comparación posible: Megan Rapinoe and the USA Women’s Soccer Team using their international title as a means to bring attention for the inequality in pay between men and women / Megan Rapinoe y el equipo de fútbol femenino de EE.UU. utilizando su título internacional como un medio para llamar la atención sobre la desigualdad salarial entre hombres y mujeres

➡️ Agency—action/self 

📚Definición: Agency constitutes a sense of personal power and responsibility. Individuals must answer the questions of whether it is possible to intervene personally, or consider if someone else should intervene.
🤔 Pregunta posible: What role does the government and the individual play in reducing one 's carbon footprint? / ¿Qué papel desempeñan el gobierno y el individuo en reducir la huella de carbono?
💡Comparación posible: Government-providing incentives to citizens/companies to encourage employees to bike or carpool. Individual-making the conscious choice to bike or car pool regardless of incentives / Gobierno-dando incentivos a los ciudadanos/empresas para alentar a los empleados a andar en bici o al coche compartido. Individual-hacer la decisión de andar en bici o al coche compartido independientemente de los incentivos dado por el gobierno

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